Stephen Ou: The Future Youth Entrepreneurship


It’s safe to say that high school senior, Stephen Ou is ahead of his class. Without even being aware of what type of grades he is earning academically, his success as an entrepreneur is more than enough to earn the blue collar, wiz kid that status. The 500,000 users that have made their way to his popular web apps, led media outlets such as Forbes, Inc., Fast Company and Business Insider to recognize his genius.

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Testing the Waters Before Diving In

By Trenay Tate

My freshman year of college, I was not completely sure about what I wanted to study. I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but it can be tough to transfer what you like into a career. Because I was undecided in my major, I was able to take some classes that sparked my interest to figure out what path fit me the best. Over the summer, I completed an internship with my mother’s friend, Ms. Myleik Teele. She owned Art of Facts PR, an Atlanta-based public relations and marketing firm. During my internship, I learned a lot about the industry, internships and myself.

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The Pro Files: Vibe Magazine’s Datwon Thomas asks Diddy for an Internship

A title like Executive Editor for VIBE Magazine doesn’t sound as high maintenance as your typical blue collar job, but Datwon Thomas (@daydog) shares a personal story of rejection that gives an idea of the type of obstacles he had to overcome.

The Pro Files share intimate perspectives from business professionals who have settled within their respected careers. Life lessons are being taught as these individuals discuss everything from what they originally wanted to be to what they have become. 

Prefessional U is a multi-media career development organization that provides impressionable youth, ages 14-24, with a plethora of information and resources needed to excel in one’s favored profession.

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Time Warner Internships



News Sales Marketing, Strategic Integration

Students may have the opportunity to observe and learn about a number of functions, which may include:

• Coordinating the production of advertisements that highlight the networks achievements

• Coordinating print production of branded premiums

• Attend and participate in strategy brainstorms to come up with custom sales offerings

• Support production of items needed for on-the-ground marketing events

• Create HTML event invitations

• Assist with planning of client hospitality events

• Assist with brand and competitor research

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Prefessional U - Where Careers Are Born


To all High School and College students serious about their career, sign up for open enrollment at Prefessional U - the preferred place where careers are born!

Resumes In 2012: What’s Old, What’s New?

resume tips for 2012

By Justin Thompson

It seems everyone has an opinion on what a resume should contain, how many pages it should be and how it should be formatted. So as we enter into a new year, what are the universally agreed-upon elements that are in, and which ones are now passe? Here are some of the best practices when it comes to crafting your resume in 2012:

1. Stop trying to make ‘objective statements’ happen.

The days of including a career objective and/or professional summary are over. It’s a waste of valuable space. Instead, just address this with a sentence in your cover letter about how the position you’re applying for fits into your overall career plan. Get to business by starting with accomplishments and facts that are relevant to the job posting.

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Three Ways to Overcome Career Anxiety

by Daniel Gulati

At a recent dinner party, I was speaking with a friend who had just been promoted to vice president at a well-known New York hedge fund. The promotion was unexpected, involved an immediate 50% pay raise, and came with broad new responsibilities. When he should have been feeling optimistic and excited about his new position, why did he look like the unhappiest person in the world?

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3 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

By Amy Levin-Epstein



Are you a leader? Whether you’re an executive or an entry-level employee, leadership is a truly essential skill that can propel you and your career to bigger, better things. That holds true for both leaders of large teams and self-employed people who are guiding a team of one.

I recently spoke to leadership consultant Jennifer Garvey Berger, whose new book, Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders For a Complex World, is already garnering praise from industry executives and academic experts at Microsoft, Fidelity, Harvard University and Boston College. Here are some of her insights on what good leaders do — and what separates them from the pack.

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Young Workers Getting Hired Again


Young workers see employment gains

The total number of employed people ages 16-24 is on the rise.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Young workers are landing jobs again.

Some 650,000 workers aged 16 to 24 found employment in the past three months, the biggest spike for that age group since the recession began, according to Labor Department statistics.

Young Americans were hit harder than most other groups during the Great Recession. Dubbed by some as “the lost generation,” the unemployment rate for college graduates age 24 and younger hit an all-time high in 2010.

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Job Interview? 4 Sales Tricks to Sell Yourself

By Amy Levin-Epstein


Job interviews are a high-pressure sales call. The product? You — or, more specifically, the skills and experience you can bring to a new job. 

To compete in today’s job market, you have to have your sales pitch down cold. Here are 4 tricks to help youseal the deal from sales expert Ron Volper, Ph.D., author of the new book Up Your Sales in a Down Market.

Do your homework in advance 

"Top-performing salespeople learn about the organization and individuals they will be interviewing with," says Volper. In the same way, you’ll want to read up about the company you’re interviewing with — its mission, vision and values. Then prepare thoughtful questions about the company’s priorities. "The interviewers’ answers to your questions will enable you to address how you can help them solve specific problems," says Volper. You’ll also want to do some research about your interviewer, he suggests — learn what you can about his or her background (and any overlap with yours), as well as that person’s contributions within the company.

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